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The Majalgaon Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd., Sundernagar, Post- Telgaon, Tq. Majalgaon, Dist.Beed ( M.S.) is having the 45 KLPD Distillery with Hiferm GR Fermentation and Multi Pressure Vacuum Distillation Technology with Seven Column System for the production of Rectified Spirit and Extra Neutral Alcohol. Plant is supplied by M/s. PRAJ INDUSTRIES LTD., PUNE. The fermented wash feed to the Analyzer column and 38% W/W Alcohol vapors are sent to the next column for the purification of Alcohol. At the time of purification the steam is given through re-boiler and condensate is again feed to the boiler and indirect heating for the purification of alcohol. At the time of purification the rectified spirit vapors are condensed in the re-boiler and again fed to the rectifier column to maintain the alcohol water ratio of the column. Whenever the plant is stabilized the rectified spirit or ENA is produced with 96% having best quality of spirit.

Meanwhile the Ethanol Plant is erected with standalone and produced rectified spirit and impure alcohol is feed to the recovery column. The salient features Ethanol Plant is molecular sieve adsorption process having Low steam consumption and also run the Ethanol Plant with exhaust steam. The Ethanol Plant consist the recovery column and two beds having the at the time of production One bed is sunder pressure and One bed under Vacuum. The vacuum bed water and Alcohol is again fed to the recovery column and Ethanol is produced having 99.6% purity. The Ethanol Plant run under the Automatic Control Valves System.

As per the EMP the Raw spent wash is fed to the Bio Digester to produce the Bio-gas through the conversion of COD with the culture and treated effluent is sent to the 15 days Lagoon and then the treated effluent spraying with press mud with the Bio composting culture and total spent wash is utilized for the process.

As per the EMP , we have planted the various types of trees all over the Distillery and the Compost Yard to control the environment pollution.

As per CPCB norms, we have achieved “Zero Discharge ” of effluent.

bullets  PLANT :- BIOGAS

The Majalgaon Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd., Sundernagar , Post- Telgaon, Tq. Majalgaon, Dist. Beed ( M.S.) is having the 45 KLPD Distillery Plant generating 500 M3 / day Raw Spent Wash. As per the CPCB as well as MPCB norms , we are achieving “ Zero Discharge ” by proper treatment of our produced Raw Spent Wash. We have established Biogas Plant as well as Bio-Composting process.

Our Biogas Plant is supplied by M/s. PRAJ INDUSTRIES LTD., PUNE. It is of C.S.T.R.

( Continued Stirred Tank Reactor ) Technology having Diameter 32 Meter, Height 16 Meter. The total volume of the Bio-Digester is 13000 M3 capacity. Bio-Digester reduces the load of 60-65 % COD as well as 80-85% BOD as the standard given by CPCB and MPCB norms. Our Bio-Digester produces 20000 – 22000 M3 per day Methane Gas which is given to Boiler as a fuel and saving approximately 40 M.T. Bagasse per day.


The Majalgaon Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd., Sundernagar , Post- Telgaon, Tq. Majalgaon, Dist.Beed ( M.S.) is having 45 KLPD Distillery Plant and generating 500 M3/ day spent wash.

As per the CPCB as well as MPCB norms, we are achieving “ Zero Discharge ” by proper treatment of our Distillery effluent Raw Spent Wash. As per the CPCB and MPCB norms, we have constructed Compost Yard of which is 4” thick. Bio Composting process is carried out up to 45 days process. For that, we are using “ Press Mud ” which is the by product of Sugarcane.

At First, Press Mud is arranged into rows ( Windrows ). Each Windrow is of 100 M.T. having height 1 ½ MT and Breadth 3 ½ Meter . Each Windrow is properly dressed by Aerotrailor Machine. After that De- Composting Culture is added at 400 gm / 1 M.T. ratio. The treated effluent of Bio-Digester overflow is sprayed on the arranged Windrows followed by Aerotrailor Machine. The process is carried out up to 45 days. After the completion of 45 days, the composting process is completed which is finally converted into Organic Manure . While this process the Moisture %, Temperature & NPK Ratio is properly maintained as per the CPCB as well as MPCB norms.


The Majalgaon Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd., Sundernagar, Post- Telgaon, Tq. Majalgaon, Dist.Beed ( M.S.) is having the SOIL AND WATER Testing Laboratory at Karkhana Site. Modern Technology used in the Laboratory. The Government of Maharashtra ( Agri. Department) has given its permission on 5th April, 2011.

The main aim behind the installation of soil testing laboratory is to know the fertility of land of farmers and members from the area of operation and how it shall be develop. Up to 02/02/2013, more than 3000 farmer’s soil tested in the laboratory from area of operation and outside talukas also. The soil tested reports has been distributed to the concern farmers/members from time to time. The report is called the “ Health Card of Land ” . The Report consist of Chemical and Physical properties of land and it gives the information about the efficiency of land which is to be utilized for taking further crops.

In our Laboratory all types of elements of soil has been tested which include :-

(1) P.H. (2) E.C. (3) O.C. (4) N (5) P (6) K (7) Ca (8) Mg. (9) Na (10) CaCo3 (11) Moisture percentage (12) Hardness of water.

In our Laboratory micronutrients also tested i.e. (1) Cu (2) Mn (3) Fe (4) Zn

In our Laboratory Modern instruments are utilized for testing the soil. The names of Modern instruments are as follows :-

(1) Automic Absorption Spectro Photometer ( A.A.S. )

(2) Flame Photometer ( F.P. )

(3) Spectro Photometer ( S.P.)

(4) Colorimeter

(5) Double Distillation Unit.

(6) Oven

(7) Shaking machine

(8) P.H. Meter.

(9) E.C. Meter.

(10) Muffle Furnace.

(11) Analytical Balance / Chemical Balance.

(12) U.P.S. 5 KVA.

In our Laboratory, after testing the soil the testing reports are distributed to the concern members/ farmers. In the said report , it is mentioned and guided to the members / farmers that, which fertilizer shall be utilized in the land. Also guided about the Organic Fertilizer. The guidance about not to use more chemical fertilizer in land and how to take more crops in minimum expenditure etc., is given to the members/farmers through Agri. Officer.

Following Scientists, Central / State Govt. Officer and other dignitaries had visited to our Soil testing laboratory and they satisfied after visit.

1). Dr. A.K. Singh. (Dy. Director, Ministry of Agril. New Delhi. )

2). Dr. Mahoratra (Environment and Forest , Bhopal )

3). Dr. Arvind Roy ( IFFCO, New Delhi.)

4). Shri Trimbakrao Shirsat. (IFFCO, New Delhi.)

5).Shri Kavare Saheb. (IFFCO, New Delhi.)

6). Dr. S.K. Chavan. ( IFFCO, Bhopal )

7).Dr. Arun Dalal (IFFCO, Mumbai)