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  Wireless Communication :-

Within the  command area, 14 agricultural offices and 2 factory offices in total 16 offices are connected with Wireless Sets. Using the Wireless Sets the work  is progressing and can be completed in short span of time. During the harvesting season the Wireless Set can be used in effective ways.

 Computerization :-

While implementing the 5000 TCD Expansion Programme  of Sugar Plant , Management decided to introduce Computerization  in the working  of the sugar factory.  With  guidance and help of  Virtual Galaxy, Nagpur , Computer Hardware and Software installation started    from the year 2011. Computerization work of  following department had been completed.

1).. Agriculture.  2).. Weigh Bridge.  3)..  Cane Account and Harvesting Account.  4).. Deposit and Share. 5).. Purchase  6)  Store.   7).. Finance Account.    8).. Store Account.   9) Time Office and Personal  10). Distillery.

All different sections are interconnected by CAT 6  Cabling which helped for linking in various department for transfer of data.

 Earthworm Culture :-

Due to excess use of water and imbalance use of  chemical fertilizer and lack of organic fertilizer the fertility of land has been  decreased  up to some extend and resulted into soil Ph to rise up to 8.5. To increase the fertility and productivity  of soil the management has  implemented  the Central Government sponsored earthworm and vermin-culture units to provide earth warms to the farmers.

 Ethanol :-

We  got the Permission   from the Government  for Ethanol Production and this  Project is Registered under

  • I.E.M. No. 2075- S.T.I. M.O.  2000 dated 25th August 2000
  • I.E.S. No. S.I.A. I.M.O.  2002 dated 11th March 2002

 Milk Collection, Cooling and Distribution :-

We have also started the Milk Collection and Cold Storage for 10000 Liters capacity from 1stJune-1999

 Accident Insurance Policy :-

We also provided the Insurance Policy to our factory  worker with “ The New India Insurance Co., Ltd.,  Aurangabad” which is  effective from  01/07/2013 to 30/06/2014 .So that, after the demise of the  factory worker the dependent  relatives can get  the financial help.

 Facilities for Labours / Employees :-

The Officers and Workers of the factory always take active participation in factory work. All essential and  welfare schemes are provided to the  Workers of the Factory.  We also provide the residential, educational, medical facilities to our workers.

 Relation of Workers with Management :-

Factory Management and Workers are dedicated to the  welfare of the factory during the financial crisis of factory.  Management also  understands the problem  faced by the workers and tries  to sort out the problem immediately.

 Employees Co-operative Cash Credit  Society :-

 Employees Co-operative Cash Credit  Society is Registered under No. BHR/MGN/BNK(0) 1070  dated 15/03/1996 with   The District Deputy  Registrar, Beed  under the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 and   started   from the year  1995-96 to deliver the quickest settlement  to the financial needs of permanent and harvesting-time  employees. Currently 647 employees are working in the factory. Long Term  Loan may be provided up to Rs. 1,00,000/- to the Permanent Employees and Rs. 60,000/- to the harvesting time employees.  Loan  of Rs. 10,000/- is distributed as a emergency loan  to the staff and workers. Also  8%  dividend  from the profit of  the society  is also  distributed among the employees and workers of the factory.

 Staffing Patterns :-

The total strength of worker is 625 for the Season 2023-2024 as  per the  Staffing Pattern.

 Cultural Programs :-

The Cultural Programs  Like “ Navratra “”, Ganesh Festival , Independence day, Republic day etc.,  are organized in the  factory premises by the  employee and  workers  under guidance by the Management. .

 Distribution of Sugar to Shareholder  and Employee :-

In every year for “ DIWALI ” Festival the sugar is distributed  with the subsidized  price to the Shareholders

through  the  21  distribution center  of the factory by the Management.  Also the monthly sugar sale is  distributed to the employee with  the subsidized price as per the Gate Sale Release Order issued  by the Govt. of India, New Delhi.