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Welcome To Loknete Sunderraoji Solanke Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. ( Sundernagar, Dist-Beed )

After Hon’ble Chairman Shri Sunderraoji Solanke, the pioneer of the Sugar Factory put forth his views, the farmers of the sub division responded in masses and joined with the Government by sharing system for the construction of a sugar factory. After the unification of the Government meadows and private land which measured 48.37 hectares. The “Bhumipujan” ceremonial function concluded at Telgaon on September-1990. To complete the construction of the plot as early as possible, orders were placed for Machineries and completion of Civil work latest by January 1993 plotting of land completed. In this process “ Majalgaon Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana ” was established and Majalgaon became a center of development for sugarcane producers of the area. The factory was completed on 10/02/1993 during the year 1992-1993 and was ready for the First production test. In the coming years numerous development programs were introduced to increase the sugarcane production as a result sugarcane production increased.
Today under the guidance of Hon. Chairman and Member of Assembly Shri Sunderraoji Solanke, Hon. Chairman and Member of Legislative Assembly , Shri Prakashdada Solanke Sr. Director , Shri Dhairyasheelrao Solanke and Managing Committee Read More…

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Along with business, we initiated certain steps which, indirectly helps farmers.
We took up installation of weigh bridges near surrounding sugar factories, by which farmer can weigh his sugar cane in advance and avoid illegal and irregular cane weight deduction by sugar factories involved.

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Before the development of the production plant the farmers of Majalgaon had to depend on the other sugar factories to sell their sugarcane. So in this condition farmers had to comprise and satisfy themselves with the low price given by the other factories. Hence the producers had to bear heavy losses.